Celebrating Your Child’s Independence

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In the spirit of the 4th of July, take a moment to reflect on – and celebrate – how much your child has grown and matured. It does not have to be leaps and bounds; even the little steps count. Maybe they pick out their own clothes in the morning or brush their teeth without being reminded before bed. Supporting your child in becoming more independent can go a long way in building their self-esteem and preparing them for the future.

Assign chores: Give your child responsibilities you know they can handle, such as setting the table, feeding the dog, putting their toys away, or watering plants. Ask their input about things they would like to do as well.

Hold kids accountable: If they break the rules, follow through with established consequences. If hitting their sibling is not allowed and they do it anyway, they get a time out. Teach your kids to take responsibility for their decisions and not always blame others. At the same time, praise them when they make the right choice.

Let them take risks: You cannot protect your kids from everything; there are things they need to learn on their own. As long as a situation does not pose a true danger to them, resist the urge to step in. Let them experience natural consequences, good and bad. Maybe next time they will pick up their toys, or not wait until the last minute to do a project.

Celebrate small successes: They put on their own shoes this morning? Great! They poured their own drink even if they spilled some milk in the process? Help them clean it up and tell them how proud you are. Do not overlook the little things because they add up to big things. Give your child positive support and encouragement.

With the right support, children have unlimited potential. PediaPlex can help your child develop the skills they need to overcome challenges and become more independent. Empower your child to succeed.

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