Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts and Snacks to Make with your Kids

Have some Valentine's fun with your kids with these easy-to-prepare sweets and snacks!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and what a wonderful time for arts and crafts with your kids. Let them be creative and practice their fine motor skills as they make cards and snacks to share with the people they love. From toddlers to school-aged children, you can have a blast this Valentine’s Day getting ready to celebrate together.

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day crafts that you can make with objects you already have around your home, or that you can find at the dollar store for cheap.

  • Make cards for family, friends, or community members. Give your kids some paper and bits of scrap paper, stickers, string, paint, markers, glitter, glue, and other fun items they can use to make one-of-a-kind cards.
  • Gather up all of their old broken crayons and let them make new ones! Put any combination of colored pieces you want into a muffin tin, pop it in the oven, and before you know it, they’ll have their own crayon creations. To get in the spirit even more, use heart-shaped molds.
  • Cut the stalks off of a bunch of celery and you’ll be left with a base that looks like a rose. Dip it in some red, pink, purple, or white paint and your kids can make their own bouquet of flowers.
  • Cut hearts out of construction paper for flower petals and poke a lollipop through the point of the heart to hold them together and create a stem.
  • For older children, get some candy hearts and have them write notes using the phrases on the hearts as part of the message. Glue the hearts onto the paper to pass along these sweet notes.

Valentine’s Day Snacks Suggestions

  • Whip up some Jello jigglers and let your kids use heart-shaped cookie cutters to punch out delicious treats. You can also do the same with rice krispie treats and use food coloring in the marshmallow.
  • Bake sugar cookies and let your kids go to town with icing and sprinkles. Share the cookies with family, friends, or neighbors.
  • Get some small cookie cutters and slice up fruit so your kids can make heart shapes. Eat them plain, skewer them to make kabobs, or dip them into some yogurt for a delicious snack.

Let their imagination run wild as they make crafts and snacks to celebrate and show their love. If your child is having trouble with their fine motor skills like cutting or coloring, or is super picky about what they eat, an evaluation from PediaPlex can help identify any issues and come up with a treatment plan to provide support. Just fill out our patient intake form to share your concerns and someone will be in contact with you about how we can help.

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