Making the Most of ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy.

No two children with autism are exactly the same, therefore approaches to treatment differ as well. One practice that has become more popular is applied behavioral analysis, or ABA therapy. This is an intensive program that supports children in learning functional skills through evidence-based methodologies. Treatment is tailored to each child’s unique needs and goals.

In order to make the most of ABA therapy, there are many ways that parents can help their children prepare. It is also important that parents stay involved and carry over what children are learning to home.

  • Discuss their schedule: Get your child excited to go to ABA therapy by talking about it ahead of time, and preparing them the morning of. Remind them of what the day holds and what they can expect.
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast: It’s hard for anyone to concentrate when their stomach is growling, so fuel your child up for the day with a healthy breakfast. With a full belly, they’ll be more focused and ready to work.
  • Dress comfortably: Your child will be sitting, standing, playing, and doing all different types of activities during ABA therapy, so make sure they’re ready to move. Dress them in clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. This is especially important if they have sensory issues and are bothered by certain styles of clothing or materials.
  • Bring something familiar: If your child is just starting out in ABA therapy, they may be scared or unsure about what to expect. Having a favorite toy or blanket with them can provide comfort and ease transitions. This can also be a way for them to start connecting with their therapist by sharing something special to them.
  • Get involved: ABA therapy isn’t just between your child and their therapist – it involves the family too. Engage in regular communication and find out how you can continue supporting their progress at home. Try to continue some of the same strategies and routines for consistency and reinforcement. Educate yourself about what they are doing and why so you can be a stronger advocate.

ABA therapy is a program that many families have found beneficial for addressing the challenges of autism and helping their children to be more successful and independent. PediaPlex not only offers ABA therapy but also other therapy services such as occupational, speech, and play therapy, in addition to autism testing and diagnosis.

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