PediaPlex Expands ABA Therapy Room in Response to Growth of Personalized Program for Children with Autism

ABA Therapy Room Expansion

PediaPlex is excited to be expanding its ABA therapy room and program to accommodate more children with autism in receiving this beneficial, evidence-based therapy. ABA therapy can help children to learn and develop positive communication, behavioral and life skills. Therapy is tailored to meet each child’s individual needs and current skill levels and help them to achieve specific goals.

Before a child can receive ABA therapy and potentially have services covered by insurance, they must have a diagnosis of autism and a letter of medical necessity, and behavioral therapy must be included under their insurance policy. ABA therapy can help children with autism to thrive and enhance their communication, social skills, behavior, and other functional skills. PediaPlex encourages parents to fill out their online interest form so that a staff member can contact them personally to discuss their questions, concerns and goals regarding their child.

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