Supporting Your Child Through Their Stuttering


Stuttering can be a frustrating problem for children, especially when it keeps them from effectively expressing themselves or makes them feel different. According to The Stuttering Foundation, around 5 percent of children experience stuttering for at least six months or more, but approximately 75 percent recover by late childhood. Only about 1 percent of children experience long-term stuttering.

There are many ways that you can help your child to cope with and overcome stuttering problems. The first is to identify the problem early. If you think your child may have a problem with stuttering, have them evaluated by a speech-language pathologist. Speech therapy can be very beneficial for improving fluency and addressing other speech or language disorders. PediaPlex can assess your child’s speech and fluency and develop an individualized plan for treatment.

At home, you can slow down when talking to your child. Constant reminders to slow down or take a deep breath can be frustrating for them, so instead model it through your own behaviors. Speak in an easy, relaxed manner so they don’t feel like they have to rush to keep up or be heard.

Focus on what they are saying instead of their stuttering. This can help to reassure them that you do understand them. Avoid finishing your child’s sentences or filling in words. Give them a chance to express themselves without interruption. Show that you are actively listening and don’t pressure them to rush what they’re saying.

Encourage everyone in the family to learn more about stuttering and be supportive. Implement the same strategies for coping with stuttering to all conversations so your child feels more relaxed and at ease at home.

Turn to PediaPlex if your child is struggling with stuttering or other speech or language disorders. Through speech therapy and other services, we can help your child to be as successful and independent as possible.

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