Supporting Your Child’s Speech and Language Development

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Language development is an important part of childhood. Children learn new words every day and improve their ability to communicate effectively. All children learn at their own pace, but as a parent, there are many ways that you can support your child’s speech and language development. This can create a richer environment where your child can thrive.

  • Continuously envelope them in conversation. Even if they can’t talk back yet, or only know a few words, keep talking. Let them hear you talk about the things you’re doing, what you see, how you feel, where you’re going. Their brains are like sponges, continually absorbing information from the world around them.
  • Call things by their proper names so your child learns to associate objects with their names. Practice counting, reciting colors and shapes, naming different objects, and much more.
  • Use diverse vocabulary with your child and don’t speak down to them. Speaking at or a little above their level can challenge them to keep learning. They’ll be able to understand things more as you explain and put them in context.
  • Encourage verbal responses. Have your child repeat after you or try to say what they want instead of just using gestures. If you always give them what they want when they point, there’s no incentive to vocalize it and practice new words.
  • Engage them in what you are doing. Sing songs together, practice rhyming, write a grocery list, name things that are yellow, play games, and talk about things you like and dislike. Keep conversation going about all different types of things.

If your child is struggling to communicate, or you are concerned about their development, they may benefit from speech therapy at PediaPlex. Our therapists will work with you and your child to identify areas of strength and need and help them to overcome challenges.

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