TRICARE Services Available in the PediaPlex Community

TRICARE Services - Pedia Plex

PediaPlex is excited to share that TRICARE services are being provided in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – which means that families who use PediaPlex may be eligible to have some of their therapy expenses covered. TRICARE is a health care program that covers uniformed service members and their families. Not only does this include prescriptions, dental care, and health care, but it also includes services for children (and adults) with special needs.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is one of the services covered by TRICARE under the Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration. Children must be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and then get a referral and authorization for ABA therapy.  Therapy is authorized in six-month increments, but there are no age limits or duration limits. Services can be re-approved every six months. Your individual TRICARE plan would determine how much you pay out of pocket.

PediaPlex not only provides ABA therapy, but is also able to evaluate and diagnose ASD along with a wide range of other disorders. If ABA therapy is a good fit for your child, the team will work with you to create an individualized plan that focuses on your child’s specific needs and goals. Therapy is provided in a one-on-one setting and meets your child where they are at. Through targeted care, children are able to maximize their potential.

TRICARE may also cover certain types of assistive technology and accommodations that support your child in becoming more independent and successful. Other health care needs may be covered as well depending on your plan and child’s needs. With TRICARE and PediaPlex, your family can have greater access to the services you need to help your child thrive. PediaPlex can work with you and your provider to determine what services are covered and how you can best support your child’s growth, development, and independence.

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