Typical Child Development Stages

How do you know if a child is developing typically?

At 3 months, a child typically:

  • Follows objects with eyes
  • Responds to loud sounds
  • Smiles
  • Makes cooing sounds

At 6 months, a child typically:

  • Knows familiar faces
  • Plays with toes
  • Babbles
  • Sits with support

At 18 months, a child typically:

  • Pulls off shoes and socks
  • Stacks blocks
  • Turns the pages of a book
  • Walks without help
  • Follows simple directions

At 2 years, a child typically:

  • Says sentences
  • Recognizes pictures
  • Plays alone
  • Runs
  • Identifies parts of a face

At 3 years, a child typically:

  • Rides a tricycle
  • Opens doors
  • Is toilet trained
  • Hops on one foot
  • Plays with other children
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