You’ve got a friend in me.


How important friends are.

Having friends is important—not just to normal kids, but to special needs kids as well. Having a friend got me through the hard times in school. I had two friends; one who was a year older than me and one who is 18, the same age as me. My friend who was the same age as me was the person who I always hung out with because it was like he understood me just like my other friend. The only thing that ruined our close relationship was that in the third grade he moved to Pennsylvania with his family, leaving me with only one friend who was next to me and who understood me.

My older friend was there for me since kindergarten and now I am a senior in high school, and she is still there for me. Anytime I’m down or feeling like I just need to talk to someone she is always there and I know she always will be. Parents, friends play a large role in your child’s life. Friends help them through thick and thin and when you aren’t sure what you can do to make it better.

Does your child have an important friend? Share your child’s experiences with me and my readers in the comments section below