College Accommodation Testing

College Accommodation Testing

Preparing for college can be an exciting yet stressful time. College gives young adults a taste of independence while equipping them with essential knowledge and skills for their future career. Did you know that your child may qualify for accommodations that extend beyond high school and carry into college?

College accommodation testing can give students with disabilities the resources and support they need to be more successful and achieve their potential. They can use these accommodations for College Board exams such as the SAT, SAT Subject Tests™, PSAT/NMSQT®, and Advanced Placement Program®. They can also use them during class and testing at the college or university they attend.

Components of a College Accommodation Test

There are several criteria students typically must meet to be eligible for college accommodations. The College Board outlines some specifics for their exams: First, they must have a documented disability by a qualified licensed professional. Second, they must have documentation that shows that their disability affects their ability to participate in standardized testing. They must also demonstrate their need for the requested accommodation and have a narrative report documenting it. Most testing must show current abilities and limitations.

Our multidisciplinary team performs assessments of students’ various abilities and levels of need. We make recommendations for appropriate accommodations that enable students with disabilities to effectively access their education. Accommodations may include extended time, class materials in alternative formats, frequent breaks, a separate setting with fewer distractions, modified assignments, a scribe, or other adaptations that reasonably support the student’s success. Students should talk to the Student Support Services, Disability Support Services or appropriate department at the college or university for more information on requirements and options.

How Should I Prepare my Child for a College Accommodation Test?

Oftentimes students already have documentation verifying their disability since they received services and support throughout their primary and secondary education. College accommodation testing encompasses similar tests to those which they have completed previously. These tests are re-administered to determine the student’s current abilities and limitations and the effectiveness or appropriateness of certain accommodations.

It is important that students relax and try their best. They should be honest in their actions and responses so that providers get an accurate understanding of their abilities. Parents should research exactly what documentation or testing is required by the college, university or exam center. This can ensure that the proper assessments are administered and documentation meets standards for review and approval of accommodations for students with disabilities. There is no need to stress about college accommodation testing because it is no different than other tests students have had previously for accommodations. Students may find that they need the same or fewer accommodations once they transition to college.

Get Your Child a College Accommodation Test with PediaPlex

PediaPlex strives to ensure students have access to the resources, services, therapies and accommodations they need to maximize their potential. If your child received accommodations in high school, they may be eligible for the same or similar accommodations in college. By engaging in college accommodations testing, they can set themselves up for greater success in the future by having the right procedures and supports in place. PediaPlex provides comprehensive assessments and reviews results with families making recommendations for appropriate accommodations. Parents also receive a comprehensive narrative report documenting the results and recommendations.

College can be demanding enough on its own, so why let your child struggle when there are supports and resources available to assist them? The professionals at PediaPlex will work with you to complete necessary testing and documentation so that your child can apply for accommodations that will benefit their education and their future. It is not too late to support your child as they move into this next phase of their life. Contact PediaPlex today to schedule an appointment for college accommodation testing.


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