Child Development and Pediatric Therapy Service

Pediatric Therapy Services

Children rely on a vast array of physical, mental, social and emotional skills to function each day, and PediaPlex’s child development and pediatric therapy services in Dallas, Texas, can help them to make the most of these abilities. If your child does not understand how to interact well with other children, struggles with poor behavior, or has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, or other special need, therapy services can help them to function more effectively on a daily basis. As a parent, do not let yourself get stressed out worrying about what to do and how you can help. The multidisciplinary team at PediaPlex will work with you to identify your child’s developmental needs and goals and create an individualized treatment plan for support. We make therapy fun and engaging in a welcoming and supportive environment with all of the resources necessary to address your child’s needs.

Child Development Services Available at PediaPlex

All of the child development services available at PediaPlex are housed in one convenient location. Services span the full scope of child development from psychological, cognitive and behavioral needs through fine and gross motor skills, feeding therapy and social skills. Our therapists meet your child at their developmental level and collaborate with each other, as well as your family, pediatrician, your child’s teachers, and other key people in their lives to develop a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan. You are encouraged to participate in treatment so that strategies and skills can be incorporated to the home and other environments as well.

Play Therapy

Children need socialization and to learn how to interact with others, and play therapy can do just that. You can discuss your behavioral concerns with the behavior therapist, and they can help you learn to implement routines, address opposition or noncompliance, get your child to follow directions, reduce emotional outbursts and improve communication.

Social Skills Training

Some of PediaPlex’s social skills training is done on a one-on-one basis, while other treatment involves social pairing. Your child may be matched with another child close in age to learn how to interact appropriately with one another and practice these skills so they can apply them at home, school and in other settings.

Child Counseling

Being a kid can be tough, especially if your child struggles with anxiety, mood issues, behavior concerns, ADHD or other neurobiological differences. If they are having a hard time dealing with divorce, school, adoption, learning disorders, or traumatic events, child counseling can be very beneficial in helping them to cope with and work through these issues.

Literary Services

Literary services can help your child to build a stronger foundation to support their language, comprehension and reading development. From phonetics to fluency, learning strategies to drive reading skills and incorporate practice into everyday routine can have long-lasting results. As a parent, you will learn how to read more effectively with your child and help them to grow.

Other Pediatric Services Available at PediaPlex

PediaPlex prides itself on offering a wide range of pediatric services to meet your child’s diverse needs. Combining two or more therapies can provide more comprehensive and beneficial care. Some other pediatric services available at PediaPlex that may interest you include:

Your child should not have to struggle each day to keep up or complete daily activities. Contact PediaPlex to learn more about our broad scope of child development and pediatric services in Dallas, Texas.

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