Accessing Child and Teen Counseling Services in Dallas

Counseling Services

Mental health is a critical part of the lives of children, teenagers and adults. Child and teen counseling services in Dallas can help your child to overcome some of the emotional challenges that they face as they’re growing and maturing. Whether they’re having trouble fitting in at school or adjusting to divorce, or they have oppositional defiant disorder or a sensory disorder that impacts their emotions, counseling can help.

Does my Child or Teenager Need Counseling?

All children get a little moody from time to time, but if your child is struggling with anxiety, mood issues, poor behavior, ADHD, depression, learning disorders or even a traumatic event in their life, it can take a toll on their mental health. Your child or teenager may need counseling to help them cope with these issues and gain a more positive outlook.

Sometimes it is evident what is bothering your child, but other times you may be at your wits end trying to figure out why they’re upset or acting out. If it is affecting their learning, socialization, development, and other areas of their life, and is something that hasn’t gone away on its own after a few days, seeking professional help can be a good idea.

Our counseling services address issues such as:

  • Developmental issues including depression, mood, anxiety, behavior problems such as oppositional defiant disorder, or issues stemming from environmental changes like divorce, remarriage, adoption, school or traumatic events.
  • Parenting challenging children who may have sensory problems or behavioral/emotional issues.
  • Teenagers diagnosed with unique differences such as ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, or learning differences.
  • Problems related to unexpected events such as the death of a family member, an accident, a traumatic event or any other situation that has had an emotional impact.

Diverse Counseling Services by Mental Health Professionals

At PediaPlex, we believe in using multiple approaches to providing counseling services by mental health professionals. Every child is different and responds in their own way, so we incorporate several formats to best meet their needs. Younger children typically respond better to play therapy while older children and teenagers may feel more comfortable with a more talk-focused approached. Counseling services include:

  • Play Therapy
  • Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy)
  • Parenting Classes
  • Family Counseling
  • Social Skills
  • Teen Counseling
  • Behavior Therapy

Your child may benefit from one or more of these different therapeutic services.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Helping Parents with Family Issues

Once you come to PediaPlex, our counselors will conduct a comprehensive evaluation using play therapy, observations and interviews. Some of these activities are structured while others are not. It allows them to get a better understanding of the challenges your child is facing as well as your concerns. After the evaluation we will meet with you to discuss the findings and create a treatment plan that meets your child’s needs. Some of the issues we address include:

  • Social anxiety
  • Depression
  • Environmental adjustment
  • Eating issues and feeding disorders
  • Sleeping problems
  • Acting out at school or home
  • Anger management
  • ADHD and concentration problems

Family is very important in counseling and you may be asked to participate. The therapist may also recommend some family sessions if they feel there are issues that involve everyone and should be addressed all together. Family dynamics can impact children’s behavior and emotions, so working through challenges together can be beneficial. Also, if your child has a medical condition such as depression, autism spectrum disorder or anxiety it can affect the entire family and how you function. Counseling can help everyone to improve communication and work through issues more effectively.

Whether you know what’s bothering your child or just know in your gut that something isn’t right, child and teen counseling services are available in Dallas to help. At PediaPlex we work with children of all ages as well as their parents and families to create a more positive environment and support emotional development.

Start your child's journey today.