ABA Therapy Available Through Scott & White Insurance

Keeping up with the therapeutic needs of children with special needs can be costly. Parents want to provide the best support to empower their children to thrive and function as independently as possible. However, insurance coverage can be hit or miss depending on the plan and the child’s needs. This is especially true when it comes to applied behavior analysis or ABA therapy.

To better support families in meeting children’s needs, PediaPlex has teamed up with Scott & White Insurance which offers coverage for ABA therapy programs. Scott & White ABA therapy insurance would help to offset the costs for parents and allow them more options in receiving valuable treatment for their children with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs.

Why Choose ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy uses a variety of techniques to improve positive behavior while reducing unwanted behaviors. Desired behaviors are rewarded and reinforced to support change. Children are able to apply the skills they have learned in a wide range of situations, whether at home, at school, or out in the community. Research has found that ABA therapy can be beneficial in leading to improvements in “communication, social relationships, play, self-care, school, and employment.”

Through early intervention, young children often engage in intensive therapy for 25 to 40 hours per week in order to enhance development of age-appropriate skills and behaviors. Studies have found this to be beneficial for children. Some children are able to go on to participate in preschool programs with neurotypical peers without the need for additional support, while others have improved skills but still benefit from educational support. According to other research, “Generally, they found that children who receive intensive ABA treatment make larger improvements in more skill areas than do children who participate in other interventions.”

Scott White Insurance

Scott & White ABA Therapy Program Through PediaPlex

Scott & White’s ABA therapy program through PediaPlex is available to any child that is covered under Scott & White insurance. Enrollment requirements and insurance verification forms can be accessed on the PediaPlex website making it even easier for parents to begin the process.

Once a child is enrolled in ABA therapy, their treatment plan is tailored to their unique needs, abilities, and goals. Each child is met at their ability level, and this is used as a baseline for moving forward. As they progress in therapy, the strategies used and goals desired may change to better fit their needs. Children work one-on- one with an ABA therapist in an environment that is organized to promote success. Techniques such as shaping and chaining are used to reinforce desired behaviors and assist children in completing multi-step tasks. Each step builds on the next until they are able to follow through more independently. Children also work in small groups to practice communication and social skills such as following directions or taking turns.

It is also important for parents to stay actively involved so that they understand what their child is working on during therapy and can carry over these skills at home. Therapists work with parents to help them understand and apply the strategies used during therapy at PediaPlex so that they can continue them in other situations with their child. It is a collaborative process that is more effective when everyone is using the same strategies to work toward the same goals. However, every child’s treatment plan looks different because each child and family is different.

By taking advantage of Scott & White ABA therapy insurance, clients at PediaPlex can improve their child’s access to the level of treatment they need to manage the challenges of autism and interact more effectively with the world around them. Scott & White Insurance can help to reduce the costs that some families may have previously been paying out of pocket. In addition, other services and therapies may be covered as well that complement ABA therapy and provide more comprehensive support to meet children’s diverse needs. Parents can learn more about Scott & White Insurance, ABA therapy, and other services by contacting PediaPlex or filling out a Patient Intake Form to get started.