Child Development in Dallas, Texas

Child Development Center in Dallas, Texas

Children are all unique. Each one has their own personality, strengths and challenges. Each one develops at his or her own rate. It can be difficult to know how your child measures up and what you can do to support them in meeting developmental goals. Children with special needs often follow their own path. PediaPlex, a child development center in Dallas, Texas, supports children along this journey and offers one-on-one treatment tailored to their individual needs. Parents can have their child evaluated for numerous developmental, behavioral and social issues and receive comprehensive treatment all in one convenient location. PediaPlex empowers children to thrive.

ABA Therapy Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy at PediaPlex helps children with autism in Dallas, Texas, to learn a variety of functional skills to build their independence, communication and socialization. We use a combination of shaping and chaining strategies to support children in developing their skills and learning new behaviors. Children receive one-on-one instruction but also engage in group activities to practice their social skills and what they have learned. ABA therapy can support verbal expression, taking turns, following directions, toileting, focusing for longer periods, tying one’s shoes and much, much more. ABA therapy treatment in Dallas, Texas can enable your child to maximize their potential.

Speech and Language Therapy in Dallas

Speech and language therapy goes far beyond the act of physically speaking. It encompasses verbal and non-verbal communication, social skills, feeding and swallowing issues, sensory processing disorders and expressive language issues as well. When children have trouble making words and sounds, understanding what they hear, using language appropriately or even eating, it can affect them on many different levels. Speech therapy at PediaPlex can provide your child with targeted treatment to address their individual challenges and enhance their ability to communicate and socialize more effectively. It can also allow them to overcome feeding challenges so they are getting proper nutrition to support development.

Occupational Therapy in Dallas, Texas

Just as adults have jobs, so do kids – their job is to play and learn. When cognitive, motor and physical challenges interfere with their abilities, occupational therapy can help. Occupational therapy works on motor skills and hand-eye coordination so children can cut, color, draw and dress themselves more independently. They may learn regulation strategies to help them transition between activities with less resistance. Occupational therapy can also help your child with sensory processing disorders and learning how to cope with the sensory elements in their environment. These skills help them to be more successful in school, at home, and in public settings.

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Why Choose PediaPlex?

PediaPlex is a one-stop-shop for all of your child’s needs. From evaluation and diagnosis to essential therapies and counseling, PediaPlex has it all. This allows our staff to work more collaboratively to provide each child with the comprehensive services they need. We collaborate with parents, therapists, educators, and other service providers to ensure each child is engaged in the appropriate therapies and accommodations to help them grow and be more successful and independent. Located in Dallas, Texas, PediaPlex works with families throughout the area and provides access to multi-disciplinary, comprehensive care in one convenient location. We want to give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to providing top-notch care for your child.

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Whether your child needs speech or occupational therapy, ABA therapy, autism treatment, counseling, play therapy, or social skills training, it is all available at PediaPlex. As a parent, you will be actively involved in your child’s care and will learn how you can support them at home and in the future. We also collaborate with others who interact with your child to ensure everyone is on the same page and working in your child’s best interest. Get your child enrolled in one of our therapy programs in Dallas, Texas, today to provide them with the personalized support and treatment they need to thrive and grow.

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