Preventing Summer Brain Drain

Preventing Summer Brain Drain Child Drawning

Summer break is just around the corner, and the kids are eager to be done with school while parents may not be quite as excited. Having some down time can be nice, but researchers estimate that some children lose anywhere from two to three months of learning in reading and math. Teachers often spend the first few weeks of school re-teaching information students previously learned and forgot. Help your kids brush up on their math and reading skills while still making summer fun:

  • Cook Together

Spending time together in the kitchen can practice many skills. Following a recipe involves reading, following step-by-step directions, and measuring. It also incorporates motor skills such as scooping, stirring, and pouring. Let your kids pick out some fun recipes that they’ll be excited to make and eat!

  • Plan a Trip

Let your kids help plan a trip, whether it’s a week-long vacation or a day trip to the zoo. They can practice their math skills by adding up the cost of tickets or figuring out how many miles you’re traveling. They can also write down activities that they want to do or questions that they have and then research the answers. You can have them write down what they’ll need to pack – and then follow their list to put everything together.

  • Board or Card Games

Keep their minds active and engaged by having a game night. From reading directions to counting cards or spaces, they’ll be practicing reading and math without even realizing it! Motor skills are also practiced by picking up and moving small pieces, rolling dice, or manipulating cards.

There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate learning into everyday activities and help prevent brain drain. Just remember to make it fun and give your kids plenty of time to run, play, and get some fresh air instead of being glued to a screen. PediaPlex can help your kids stay up-to-date on their occupational or speech therapy and share activities you can do at home to help!

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