Speech Therapy Client Spotlight

Speech Therapy Client Spotlight

Everyone meet the fun and silly Aurora!

Aurora is 7 years old and receives Speech Therapy at our Alliance PediaPlex clinic. When she isn’t receiving speech services, you can find her playing video games, writing stories, reading, or playing with her dog! Her favorite subject in school is math and she loves to play tag!

We asked her mom about their experience at PediaPlex with Speech Therapy and she said “PediaPlex has been such a blessing to us. They were so informative about treatment plans and have done amazing work with getting Aurora to where she is now.” So much so that Aurora is actually finishing up her services with us here in the near future!

Speech Therapy Client Spotlight

Aurora has been receiving services for about four months. Her mom says, “It’s hard to even tell that Aurora had speech issues now! We will definitely miss Aurora and her family, but we are so proud of the progress that she has made!

We always like to hear about our client’s favorite part of therapy at PediaPlex. They said, “Our favorite part is the people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We love Courtney and she has been so great with Aurora. Aurora loves coming to Speech because of her!” Courtney said she would have to agree- they are always laughing during their speech sessions and having a lot of fun!

Thank you, Aurora, for being our spotlight this month! We love that you’ve had such a great experience here at PediaPlex and have made so much progress! Keep up the fantastic work!

For more information on Speech Therapy, visit our site at pediaplex.net!

-The PediaPlex Family