Was That Supposed to be Sour?

special needs children and their unique taste choices

Different Taste Buds for Special Needs Kids

When I was little I always gravitated toward sour candy. I was desperate to eat something so sour that I couldn’t stand it. It was like what other kids thought was sour, I thought was sweet. Things like Warheads were not even a challenge to me.

The taste buds for special needs kids are usually dulled or numbed to the point where a sour candy tastes sweet or there is no taste at all. If a child is gravitating towards a certain tasting food, snack or candy then maybe they are trying to challenge their own taste buds.

Parents, all kids have their own definition of sour, sweet, tangy, fruity or even bland. If what they think is a satisfactory taste for them, then it should be good enough if it makes them happy. Allowing your child to explore what tastes appeal to him or her, you’re able to identify which foods they prefer. This makes it easier to prepare meals you already know your child will love.

What food, snack or candy does your child enjoy? Share your child’s experiences with me and my readers in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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Justin loves spicy! He puts Tabasco in his hot sauce and jalapeños and Tabasco on everything!!!
Thanks for sharing Megan. I didn’t know anything about the tastebuds being dulled.hmm

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